GOODprizes are crowdfunded social-service competitions

how it works:

  • You, me or someone says,"I want something good done and I don't really care who does it, and I'll give them $50 if they can prove they did it"
  •  Like maybe: Clean an empty lot on your block, or teach fencing at the middle school near me, or build a well in this village I once visited
  • Then (Eventually) post your GOODprize challenge here 
  • Commit your pledge: $
  • Get your friends to pledge: $$$$$
  • Non-profits and good people will find your GOODprize Challenge and compete for the $$$$$ by doing GOOD
  • They will submit evidence that they completed the challenge: Photos, Receipts, Etc to us.
  • We confirm it and distribute the pledged $$$$
  • Repeat